Tuesday, 31 May 2011

More Barcelona drawings

Finally getting through the scanning mountain. Here are some more drawings from Barcelona. This drawing was in a tiny coffee bar, attached to a swish chocolate and cake shop. Coffee was fantastic - in fact, everywhere we drank coffee it was great.

Street corner and lettering from a poster in the museum.

And lastly, as I seem to be turning into one of those insufferable people that wakes up very early, no matter what, I snuck out of the hotel and into a local corner cafe, before I woke everyone else up. Was bustling with locals popping in for breakfast on their way to work and school and most people were greeted by name. This chap was a taxi driver and drunk his expresso in seconds.


Had a fun bank holiday weekend camping at Sumners Ponds campsite. Although the bank holiday weather wasn't amazing, it wasn't wet and it was just great to be out in our camper van again. Was our first trip of the season, so always prefer to stay closer to home, to get used to things again.

This was the view from the site cafe. There are 3 lakes at the campsite and a lot dedicated people fishing! I imagine if you like camping and fishing, this is pretty much as good as it gets.

You can choose a pitch right alongside the lakes - well worth the extra £5 to wake up to the view. 

Were lots of clumps of yellow iris dotted around - lovely! Did do some drawings as well - still on the pile waiting to be scanned.