Wednesday, 29 December 2010


Most of our Christmas visitors have left now, and I am pleased to have my computer and scanner back in action. Here are some more Christmas snippets - as ever, had planned (hoped!) to do WAY more drawing. But impossible with all the Christmas bustle and cooking and general carousing that went on.

But am always pleased to have some record.

Off to London tomorrow. Hear there are dreadful problems on the train line, but looking on bright side, that will give me some more time to draw the commuters and lucky folk off to the airport on hols.

Used my Flip video camera over Christmas. That has got to be one of the best Christmas presents I ever received - so brilliantly small and easy to use. Keep looking at iphones and wondering whether I would as much fun and value out of one of those? Still unconvinced, but hoping to have a go on daughter's new itouch, so I can suss out whether I really would use the iphone apps. I do love a new gadget though - can't beat it!

Friday, 24 December 2010

Christmas Snippets

Have managed to do some drawing, amongst all the Christmas rushing around.

This year the house is full of planted bulbs, amaryllis, hyacinths and narcissi - all gorgeous! Some were bought as presents for relatives, but as the weather has been so rotten and we haven't been able to make some visits, I have adopted them for myself. Lucky!

Our Christmas tree is absolutely laden down with ornaments. There is NOTHING minimalist or colour coordinated about our tree! Is full of mainly vintage, glass ornaments, some from my grandmother and mother and others I have bought at car boots.

Today I am off to see the black and white classic 'It's A Wonderful Life' at the cinema with my family. Very nostalgic and traditional and possibly the 6th time I have seen it. Watching that film seems to have become one of our Christmas eve traditions. For me, Christmas starts in earnest then.

Hope you all enjoy a lovely time.

Thursday, 23 December 2010

My fantastic wreath

My mum brought this up as a pre Christmas gift. Her friend made it, to hang on the door. But as we live in the city centre, our door wreaths have a habit of regularly disappearing. So this one is staying safely inside, laid flat, as a table decoration.
Until the Christmas visitors leave, will be photos only, as have had to disconnect my scanner to make more room for them.
Merry Christmas everyone!

Friday, 17 December 2010

Hyacinth bulbs and drawing

Behind our Victorian terraced house, we have a tiny little garden, only approx 24ft by 12 ft, but I do love it and miss sitting out in that patch green when it gets to Winter. When the weather becomes cold, I do start buying more cut flowers and planted bulbs, to recreate that sense of 'green'. I love every stage of potted bulbs - from the unassuming, mossy bulge before anything appears, to the sudden, almost shocking, burst of colour and scent. And they are cheap and so easy to grow and seem to make a tangible difference to my mood. So this blog post is in homage to the humble hyacinth bulb.

For lots of mainly boring reasons, I have had less drawing time and energy lately. But as the bulbs sit on my kitchen table and there are the inevitable domestic minutes waiting for washing, cooking, baking to finish, I have done a couple of drawings in those idle moments.

And these funny little drawings have made me happier than a lot of other things this week. I think it is partially the simple act of drawing, getting still and concentrating. But there is also a small, quiet sense of achievement. Often, it matters less whether I am happy with the end result and more I made the time, I looked and really saw something clearly and was creative.

Anyway, I remain for the foreseeable future (with all this UK snow) a happily committed hyacinth bulb grower.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Pixie Lott in Brighton

Took my daughter and friend along to see Pixie Lott singing at the Brighton Centre this weekend. While they were looking at the merchandise and chatting to friends, I got a chance to draw some people.

We were right on the top balcony, at the very back, so great view of the stage, but a lot of people's backs.

One group of girls had pink neon bunny ears on which flashed their way through the whole performance. Quite hypnotising...

Judging by the audience, most of Pixie's Brighton fans seemed to be female and under 16. There was a lot of screaming, singing and dancing, which I guess is what a good teenage concert is all about!

Friday, 3 December 2010

What a blue sky

Still plenty of snow in Brighton today. Had a very careful walk into the office this morning, trying to avoid all the ice and slush.But the sky was a fantastic blue and sun so bright reflecting off the snow. Beautiful!

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Snowy back garden

For us to get this much snowfall, being right on the coast, and all falling during one evening is amazing! Does not happen in Sussex all that often.

Garden table looks like an iced cake

Fabulous! Am going to head outdoors again later and take more photos and enjoy it all. Do relish the way even the most mundane urban landscape becomes quieter, calmer and more beautiful. Did briefly contemplate doing some drawings, but just too cold to stand still drawing. Will have to be photos today unless I can find a great spot near a cafe window. Have a feeling those will be at a premium though today.