Wednesday, 29 December 2010


Most of our Christmas visitors have left now, and I am pleased to have my computer and scanner back in action. Here are some more Christmas snippets - as ever, had planned (hoped!) to do WAY more drawing. But impossible with all the Christmas bustle and cooking and general carousing that went on.

But am always pleased to have some record.

Off to London tomorrow. Hear there are dreadful problems on the train line, but looking on bright side, that will give me some more time to draw the commuters and lucky folk off to the airport on hols.

Used my Flip video camera over Christmas. That has got to be one of the best Christmas presents I ever received - so brilliantly small and easy to use. Keep looking at iphones and wondering whether I would as much fun and value out of one of those? Still unconvinced, but hoping to have a go on daughter's new itouch, so I can suss out whether I really would use the iphone apps. I do love a new gadget though - can't beat it!

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