Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Braving the London sales

Took my daughter to London for the New Year sales.

I love going to London: buying a newspaper and coffee, settling in at a window seat and gazing out of the window as the train travels along. Is even better when I have a model that doesn't mind being blatantly stared at.

Then off the train and there is London itself. I do enjoy living in Brighton, but sometimes I really yearn for the largeness, the grandness, the relentless bustle of London.

I wanted to go to John Lewis to look at their yarn sale and go to Muji to pick up some pens and pads. Clearly my daughter had much more expansive plans, and I soon found myself standing outside a seemingly endless number of changing rooms...

Managed to do the quick drawing below

and then had a great chat with a number of different women, who were standing in the long changing room queue, about drawing: how long have I been sketching, was I self conscious, am I happy to show people my work, did I think anyone could learn to draw...loads of questions! Obviously seeing someone drawing in public is more unusual than I realised!

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