Friday, 15 October 2010

Bought at the car boot in Swansea, 1960s leather baby's shoes.

I love these. I even love the brown paper stuffing inside them, so they keep their shape. Have put them on display next to my metal shoe lasts.I did originally buy them to sell on, but just can't bring myself to do it. Am going to admire them for a while longer.


  1. So fabulous - I cannot pass by old photographs - they not so much pull on my heartstrings as much as rip them out and construct a nifty way to tie my hair back :) I wonder, wonder at the story behind these ...

  2. Am pretty sure there is a story here :) - thanks for taking the time to comment. Appreciate it!

  3. Hi. They are beautiful. I make traditionally lasted shoes and once they have been worn they look similar to these. I hope in the future someone finds my shoes and treasures them too!!