Monday, 25 October 2010

Coffee and a half hour draw

Had such a busy weekend. Was packed with practical family things that had been ignored for a while and now, just needed getting on with. But this meant there was a negligible amount of time to draw or actually do anything creative. Which is not just frustrating from a progress perspective, but can also really affect my mood.

So, got to late afternoon on Saturday and felt so restless and fed up with everything, took myself off to Moksha in Brighton, which is an independent coffee shop that sells genuinely great coffee. Sat for there for 25mins sipping coffee, watching it get dark and drawing, while half listening to the interesting conversations all around me. Came out in a whole better mood and resolved to do this again. That small window made such a difference to me. This is something Michael Nobbs talks about a his motivating blog , how doing little and often, can achieve great things.

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