Wednesday, 13 October 2010

New blog

This blog is the starting point of a new creative journey for me. Around 6 years ago I was practicing full time as a fine artist, exhibiting regularly and selling large, landscape paintings. Then I stopped painting completely. I felt I no longer wanted to paint these big vistas anymore. They had lost their resonance and didn't have any connection with my life anymore, which revolved around a small city centre home in Brighton. But as I didn't know what else to do creatively, I just stopped.

In the meantime, of course, life kept on going, and there was a period of ill health, bereavements and the surprises family life throws at you. I have now popped out the other side. And whilst I am still enormously proud of all those paintings and what I achieved, I realise that my creative direction is now very different.

What fascinates me today are the small corners of everyday life, the tiny details - the man lost in thought while his expresso goes cold, the rooftops above the discount shops, a jar of kitchen utensils, the lady with her shopping trolley and embroidered jacket. It's these moments I want to capture and celebrate, as a lot of the time it's those details that matter and make me most happy.

I draw all the time, where ever I am, and lots of those drawings go on to develop into prints and paintings. I have have discovered the fun of selling my work online and talking directly to people who are interested in it.

So I hope this blog will share my work and progress and I hope you will enjoy it.

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