Friday, 19 November 2010

Wear more orange, please!

Was so pleased when this guy came in and sat right in front of me, in this fantastic tangerine coloured hoody. Before he arrived, was scanning around the cafe and everyone was wearing such drab colours! The coffee shop was a sea of understated black and grey neutrals, which may be easy to match, but that monochrome mob was so visually monotonous.

I find that lack of colour so depressing, particularly in the winter when we're all battling with lack of daylight too. Am becoming more convinced that a splash of colour does elevate your mood. No science here, just purely personal observation. When winter arrives I can guarantee I'll watching films like Frida and searching out books based in hot countries.

And then, after Mr Orange... an absolute gift! One of the most amazing quiffs AND a rockabilly jacket. Life is sweet after all....

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