Friday, 12 August 2011

Off on a break

I am off on a break, exploring a part of UK I haven't seen before.

Since I wrote my post "I seem to have to stopped drawing", something seems to have clicked back into place. Maybe just the announcement itself was enough to jolt me into action - who knows. But the result is I have been drawing more than I have in weeks.

So my travel bag is packed with a dip pen and inks, plus the usual pencils, fibre tips and a tiny watercolour set. I am an avid reader and admirer of Rolf Schroeter's blog and drawings and looking at his recent red lined drawings has inspired me to dust off my dip pen. Will post the results! Also taking 4am by Nina De La Mer as my holiday read - Nina is a friend and another Brighton resident. So that should take care of all my entertainment needs.

I'll leave you with a couple of photos from The Mock Turtle tearoom in Brighton.

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