Sunday, 18 September 2011

Suffolk 2

One of my favourite spots was Orford. It reminded me a lot of Dale in Pembrokeshire, with lots of small sailing dinghies, a couple of pubs and a lovely expanse of water.

Is the sort of place where there isn't much going on, apart from the sailing, boat trips to the Orton Ness Nature Reserve and groups of children excitedly catching crabs off the quay. But I could easily idle away a couple of days there, just looking out at the the wide horizon.


  1. That looks beautiful, and the first pic looks very mediterranean too.

    Emily x

  2. My Aunt and Uncle live there, and I can confirm that there really, really, isn't much going on. But my sis and I spent happy hours catching the great-great-great-great-grandparents of those crabs and chucking them back in...

  3. Hi Emily - It looked warmer than it was! Still lovely place though.

    Hi Roly - Wonder if they lived in the house right on the waterfront I was hankering after? Fancied pitching in with the crabbing myself :)