Tuesday, 1 November 2011

October Brighton Sketchcrawl

Some belated sharing of my Brighton Sketchcrawl drawings. Was a great day! The sun shone and as always, there was a fantastic bunch of people to go drawing with.

We started at the Palace Pier. I ran out of time there (as always!) - would have liked to draw some rides, but instead just did these 2 foreshore drawings.

We then wandered towards the Level, stopped for some lunch and ended up at the Victorian Extra Mural Cemetry.

It is the most amazing place - you could wander and draw for days there, as the site is much larger than I imagined and has a valley, woodland and wildflower meadow, as well as the most amazing monuments, graves and chapels. Was so lucky to have a lady join the sketchcrawl who knows an amazing amount about it, Moira McQueeney, and who generously gave me a short guided tour at the end of the sketchcrawl.

Will definitely go back there and it really did strike me chatting to Moira how important it is to preserve and publicise such a large and amazing green space in Brighton city centre.

You can see some more drawings and photos of the day on Jake Spicer's blog

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