Monday, 30 January 2012

Brighton SketchCrawl, 21 Jan 2012

At last, after a series of catastrophic IT issues: my computer dying, swiftly followed by the printer/scanner refusing to switch on, am back online.

These drawings were done on the latest Brighton SketchCrawl. Was brilliant fun - is always such a friendly, open group of people. And drawing on location, as part of a group, is such an inspiring and rewarding thing to do.

All these drawings were done in Brighton Toy Museum. Even though it is only 10 minutes walk from where I live, I had shamefully never been inside before. And it is amazing! A real drawing paradise. The cabinets are bursting with a huge selection of toys and model trains galore. Of course there were toys that I remember, so that made me feel rather ancient. Would really recommend it as a place to visit.

These punch and judy puppets came complete with a hangman and noose! They date from 1815 and were for a child puppeteer.

These dolls were part of a large cabinet dedicated to Japanese dolls. Some were very delicate and beautiful, others slightly more eerie with pencil drawn strands of hair and staring eyes...

We are going to organise the SketchCrawl once a month, rather than once a quarter. If anyone is interested in joining in, regularly or just occasionally, please join the Facebook group Brighton SketchCrawl, where we'll share future plans and of course, our drawings.

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