Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Drawing in the rain

Well...actually mainly drawing in a range of cafes in Brighton and Hove, as the weather has been so wet. Have also had a visitor staying, so that is an even better excuse to visit more cafes!

I loved her specs, like Thelma off Scooby Do

"I am trying to read the paper...."

This couple were from a band, I think. They were wearing the most fantastic 40s/50s vintage clothes and were absolutely engrossed in animated chat, while sipping their huge teapot full of lapsang souchong tea.

This is the same couple. The chap's head and hat are rather strange in this drawing, but I love it more for that. May use as the basis for another idea I have brewing.

 This traditional tea shop with the bunting and plates on the wall is in Hove and is called Ethel's Kitchen, on Blatchington Road. Looked like they made fantastic breakfasts and packed with locals, as well as being near the several charity shops on George Street, which are always great for poking around. Managed to pick up some lovely fine wool for 50p a ball.

This final drawing was this was done in the office where I work part time. All the systems were down, so had a few mins for a quick sketch . You can just see my co-worker, Fi's head over the top of the partition.

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