Friday, 12 November 2010

More hot chocolate please!

Have been carrying on with my little and often drawing (inspired by Michael Nobbs fun ebook that you can see in the background) whenever I have a free mo. This one was while I was waiting for a friend - fun to see all the different legs and footwear queuing up for hot drinks. Was hoping for some patterned wellies, but none came in, despite the lashing rain that day.

If the weather is bad this weekend, may repeat the process. Particularly as the hot chocolate in this Brighton cafe, Red Roaster on St James Street, is spectacular. Is thick, velvety, gooey chocolatey gorgeousness in a cup!

Personally, has been a tricky week. Like an ill wind blew through our house and while nothing major has gone wrong (fingers crossed), we've had a steady series of disasters everyday. Some include my computer and scanner, so hope to resolve this weekend and post more drawings next week.

Hope you enjoy a great weekend!


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  2. Is it a bit sad that I recognised the hot chocolate? I think it is.