Monday, 8 November 2010

Moving furniture

We have been busy clearing a relative's house of furniture and belongings. Has been a strange process to go through. All those cherished items that have been regularly polished and protected for years, are suddenly without a purpose and they change almost overnight, into being a burden rather than a prized asset. If we had an enormous rambling house, we would have kept more, but as it is, most of it has now found new homes.

Drew this while I was squashed in the back of the car, between a chair and trunk, hoping we wouldn't be stopped for overloading.

And as time has been rather skinny, I have just being doing odd drawings here and there, still working on the basis that doing a little regularly is worthwhile. So no overall theme to the next drawings, just pieces done over last few days.

Kitchen table (I do love a tablecloth, even though am sure that is horrifically old fashioned)

Sitting on the sofa, hiding behind a scarf

Coffee shop lady talking seriously about plastic surgery.


  1. I have a tablecloth on my kitchen table too, and I don't think I'm old fashioned. Well, maybe a little, but I'm pretty young thoughh

  2. Wonderful drawings and like the story behind them.

  3. Maybe will do a drawing of my tablecloths for you Carolyn - have a rapidly growing collection, as seem to be given loads from older relatives, as they are sorting out.