Monday, 24 January 2011

Sketchbooks and musing

Some final pages from this sketchbook, which I finished on the weekend.

 On the train

Farm Cafe, Brighton

Had a great time on the Brighton Sketchcrawl last weekend - was the 3rd one I've attended, but the first one where I don't have any drawings to show. In retrospect I joined it too late, as there were only 2 stops left. However had the fantastic opportunity to try life drawing at Brighton Life Drawing, run by Jake Spicer. Was the first time I have ever done life drawing and was great to do it with such a fun, supportive group of people. And I will be going back to do more!

I has a quick chat with Jake in the pub afterwards, that has really got me thinking. It was whether the process of drawing was more important to me or the outcome. And I think it is probably the process. It's the calming effect of drawing, the sitting quietly and really looking and appreciating that I get the most value from. Is like meditating. Sure, am as delighted as anyone when I have a drawing I am pleased with, but is more about the process and marking that moment.

As the others were looking through my sketchbook, one of the sketchcrawlers remarked on the visual diary quality of my sketchbook. I think this is partly because I do tend to draw small domestic moments and scenes, so they naturally form a narrative of your days. But I do also like the idea of paying attention to your days and celebrating them.

I think there will be more to come on this train of the new sketchbook.

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