Thursday, 7 April 2011

The Diary Project

Came across this really interesting idea on Happiness Project for a milestone/landmark/achievement journal. You record significant events that happen under their dates - anything from a holiday, to buying a pet, moving house to a meal with friends, whatever holds some meaning for you. Then you keep using that same diary or book year on year, so gradually over some years, you see a map of your life and a journal of your personal highlights.

Example 12 April
2007  Adam's birthday party in London
2009  Finished bathroom renovation after 6 weeks work
2011  On holiday in Paris with Amy - today Eiffel Tower and drawing in cafes

Wish I'd thought to do this when my daughter was younger, as there are so many great milestones with a child.

But am going to start now and have bought my book this morning!

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