Monday, 4 April 2011

Drawing messy cupboards

Have been bit frustrated by my lack of discipline in carving out drawing time recently. So one evening, in a fit of pique, sat down on the kitchen floor and drew 1 shelf of a very messy kitchen cupboard.

Am sure it will shock some people, iron crammed in with packets of rice and lentils. But cupboard space is at a premium in our excuse anyway.

I did this pencil drawing with a Staedtler 780 lead holder, which I am absolutely loving using. Am not sure whether it's the actual lead or the holder, but finding it much more friendly to use than my regular pencils.Came across it via Gabi Campanario, over on Urban Sketchers, when he blogged about these amazing drawings! Hoping a little of the lead holder magic will rub off on me :)


  1. Shocked? Not if it's a steam iron. Where else does steamed rice come from?

  2. Wow I just love this drawing. It's very fun. I love how you have the Uncle Bens with iron. Very weird and cool.